Unique and unrivaled in Europe

With the jumbo road train XLS – our latest innovation in terms of efficient transportation logistics – Ewals Cargo Care’s subsidiary in Kiefersfelden is currently unrivaled and unique in Europe. The new jumbo truck combines the advantages of two systems (jumbo road train and XLS system) and is only available at the Ewals’ subsidiary in Kiefersfelden.

The XLS system – developed and patented by Ewals Cargo Care – has proved to be highly successful in Ewals Mega Huckepack XLS and is now integrated in our jumbo road trains. This enables our customers to benefit from 30 % more load volume and maximum safety while preserving measures and weight. The new Jumbo XLS is particularly suitable for transportation with increased safety requirements as well as goods that tend to bulge.

Find more information on the jumbo road train XLS here.

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