Training center for future logistic experts

Ewals Academy pro­vides a wide range of trai­ning oppor­tuni­ties at home or ab­road for moti­vated and deter­mined employ­ees.

This involves special trai­ning for (future) exe­cutives as well as an aca­demy pro­gram for new­comers to the logistics in­dustry.

Young professional or newcomer to the industry?

No worries: We are looking for people with suitable skills – and care for further education and training.


Going abroad

Somewhere in Europe, every year somewhere else. The Ewals Academy takes place four times a year. At the beginning, the participants get to know the company at the Ewals headquarter in the Netherlands. During the second part of the training, the necessary know how for peak performance is taught in of our European branches.


More than just theory

Put theory into practice with the Ewals Academy. Training on the job is a priority to us. Whether it is with a local partner or an affiliated company in Singapore – sales or management trainings as well as language classes are a permanent part of our continuous internal education.


An insight to all areas

The Ewals Academy offers sales trainings, team building events or trainings on specialized topics such as customs or resting periods. On top of that we impart legal and geographical knowledge, IT skills and a professional communication culture.


Get to know IT systems

Freight Exchange Platforms, Track & Trace, and Route Calculation Systems – this is basic vocabulary for our team. In order to impart knowledge on our IT systems to our new employees, they will get to know them in the Ewals Academy.

Take a look


60 minutes – one team – a puzzle to solve in order to escape the room.

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