Ewals Cargo Care

Your reliable logistic partner

For more than 100 years, Ewals Cargo Care has been pro­viding reli­able log­istic so­lutions.­ Every­day, we carry out 5000 deli­veries all over Europe and the world and de­liver goods to their desti­nation on time.­ About half of these deli­veries are carried out with inter­modal Mega Huckepack Trailers.­

It’s al­ready the fourth gener­ation of the family Ewals that runs Ewals Cargo Care.
It is a strong hi­story, unique inno­vations and the aware­ness of environ­mental respons­ibility that character­izes Ewals Cargo Care as a logistic partner.



Since Ewals Cargo Care was founded more than 100 years ago, a lot has happened. The family-run company has grown, come through misfortunes and introduced innovations to the market. Dive into the history of Ewals Cargo Care.

Ewals International

2200 employees working in 36 subsidiaries in 17 countries worldwide plan the optimal utilization of 5000 transporting units per year in the European freight traffic.



Ewals Cargo Care faces the current challenges on the transportation market.


Those who are on the road a lot, can influence a lot. We are aware of our environmental responsibility. Therefore, we are constantly working on reducing our emission of CO2, in our offices as well as on the road.



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