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Ewals Cargo Care International

The Ewals Cargo Care Group and its fleet make more than one million kilo­meters a day. This roughly corres­ponds to three times the way to the moon and back. Or in other words: each hour, Ewals Cargo Care’s trucks go around the Earth.

Whether it’s on the road or on the rails, in the air or on water, we are constan­tly try­ing to make the inter­national flow of goods more environ­mentally frien­dly. Because we are con­vinced that cost-efficient trans­port and sustain­able business go hand in hand.

This is how our optimized connected planning works

2200 employees
36 subsidiaries
17 countries

Ewals in Motion

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Dive into the exciting world of international logistics! Accompany our employees in their daily work and our drivers on their way all through Europe and get a glance what our daily tasks and challenges are!


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