2018: Next Generation Logistics

New trends and developments are following each other rapidly. As a company we have to adjust to a new reality. And rather than just accepting a new situation, Ewals Cargo Care wants to take the lead; take initiative and discover new territories.

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2013: Creating a new standard

To find a solution for the common problem of bulging cargo, Ewals Cargo Care introduced the Mega Huckepack XLS trailer with reinforced curtains. With this innovation a new standard in cargo security and safety was set.

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2008: Introducing the Mega Huckepack trailer

Pushing the intermodality of the European network even further, Ewals Cargo Care launched the Mega Huckepack trailer in 2007. With this innovation an intermodal unit was introduced that can be moved by road, rail or short sea.

2007: Continuing the legacy

The 4th generation of Ewals follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and take the lead of the company. The brothers Bram, Pim and Sjoerd take over after the passing of their father Henk Ewals.

2006: Celebrating 100 years of Ewals

In 2006 Ewals Cargo Care reached a special milestone and celebrated its 100th anniversary, proud to be a family-owned company for a century.

2004: Establishing a 4PL platform

Ewals Cargo Care adapted to a changing market and founded a non asset based control tower that optimises supply chains.

1994: Joining forces

In 1994 Ewals Transport and Cargo Care became one company. Combining the expertise of Ewals in continental road transport, freight management and warehousing with Cargo Care’s extensive Ro-Ro services between the UK, the continent and Scandinavia.

1992: Expanding Ro-Ro services to Sweden

Mega trailer services between the UK and Sweden were the next step in an intermodal European network. Ro-Ro services to Sweden formed an integrated operation with existing Ewals Cargo Care services from the continent.

1990: Changing the industry with the Mega trailer

Introducing the Mega trailer in conjunction with the automotive industry was a huge step in optimising transport. This innovative trailer, with a capacity of 100m3, offered significant benefits for any shipper of lightweight, high cube products.

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1984: Introducing Ro-Ro services

The first step towards creating an intermodal network. Implementing unaccompanied Roll-on, Roll-off services between the U.K. and the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany generated many new opportunities.

1983: Coping with misfortune

In 1983 there was a huge fire that completeley destroyed the warehouse in Tegelen. After these tough times Ewals Cargo Care recovered by rebuilding the warehouse and was ready to head forward again.

1974: Exploring new territories

In 1974 Ewals rapidly developed its services to the UK. These new territories were explored by transporting cargo with customers such as Vauxhall, Ford, and KNP.

1950: Rebuilding industries

In the post-war years, Ewals transport services to and from Germany exceeded expectations due to the rebuilding of the steel and chemical industries.

1906: It all began with a horse and cart

In 1906 Alfons Ewals, great-grandfather of Bram, Pim and Sjoerd Ewals started off with just an idea and a lot of ambition. More than 100 years later, the 4th generation of Ewals continues his proud legacy.