Ewals’ innovations

Ewals Cargo Care faces the cur­rent chall­enges on the trans­por­ta­tion market.­­ Curren­tly, we focus on QESH (qual­ity, environ­ment, secur­ity and health), in order to be up to date.

Our latest inno­vations are the Mega Huckepack XLS and the Jumbo XLS. The XL relates to the Euro­pean stan­dard code for car­go safe­ty and S to extra strong and safe.­­


Mega trailer

In the 90s, the mega trailer was developed. 100 m³ of load volume, a hydraulic lifting roof with a lifting height of 220 mm and a maximum load capacity of 25 tons, this trailer of great volume was an innovation on the transportation market.

Mega Huckepack XLS-Trailer

The Mega Huckepack XLS was developed for special industries whose goods tend to bulge the cover outward.


Jumbo XLS

The jumbo road train with XLS system is the ideal vehicle for goods that tend to extend during the transportation, such as car wheels. It is easy to convert and contains additional components that minimize the risk of theft.

The Jumbo XLS also convinces with high speed of loading and unloading as well as covers that can be easily opened from the side.

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