Jumbo road train

The jumbo road train has 30 % more vo­lume than the stan­dard trai­ler, low weight and fill­ed to capa­city – the recipe for suc­cess of the “biggest one” from Ewals Cargo Care.

The jumbo road trains dis­pose of a vo­lume of a­bout 117 m³ and can be loa­ded from both the side and the top. The lif­ting roof en­sures opti­mized utili­zation of the avail­able space.

Technical specification

Length of loading unit 7,70 m + 7,70 m
Width 2,50 m
Height 3 m
Load capacity up to 23 tons
Volume 117 m³
Euro pallets 38
Environmental standard EURO 6
Ramp height Yes, through air suspension
Lifting roof Yes
Cranable Yes
Customs seals Yes
Localization and navigation system Yes
Cargo protection measures

  • tension belts
  • edge protectors
  • anti-slip mat
  • stretching frames

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