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Jumbo road train XLS

Extra strong, safe & secure – these are the unbeat­able advan­tages of Ewals Cargo Care Kiefersfelden’s new and exclusive Jumbo XLS. The latest inno­vation of the logistic company based in Germany com­bines the advan­tages of two systems (jumbo truck and XLS system) and is unique in Europe.

The XLS system – de­veloped and pa­ten­ted by Ewals Cargo Care – is al­ready success­fully used in Ewals Mega Huckepack XLS. It is now inte­grated into the jumbo road train as well. There­fore, you as a cus­tomer bene­fit from 30 % more load volume, maximum safe­ty and other incre­dible advan­tages.


The XLS system

The singularity of the XLS system con­sists of PVC bars that are incorpo­rated into the side covers and re­place the usual wooden planks. In addition, two hori­zontal lashing straps en­sure that the cover bulges inwards. This avoids bulging in case of stretching goods and en­sures compli­ance with the maximum per­mitted width. More information


Jumbo road train

The jumbo road train with his mo­tor ve­hicle and trai­ler offers a maximum load vo­lume of 117 m³, with a load capa­city of 23 tons. The jumbo road train also con­vinces with a light­weight construc­tion and its lif­ting roof that en­ables to seize the avail­able volume to the very last cubic centimeter. More information

The advantages of Jumbo XLS



The loading pro­cess of the Ewals Cargo Care jumbo road train XLS is faster and easier com­pared to a stan­dard trai­ler: For an easy loa­ding pro­cess, the covers on the side are opened and the roof can be lif­ted. Loading from be­hind or above by us­ing a crane is possible. As no wooden planks need to be fixed on the side walls, the speed of loading increases signi­ficantly.



Thanks to the rein­forced covers and the PVC bars inte­grated into the covers, the XLS system is espe­cially theft-proof and pro­vides higher pro­tection for your goods. There are no loose parts (planks on the side walls) which in­creases the se­curity for both driver and loading staff. As the max­imum per­mitted width of 2.55 m is com­plied with, you walk within the law and risk no fines.



With an interior height of 3 m, up to three cage pallets can be stored in both parts of the jumbo road train XLS, whereas in a regular trailer (2.70 m of height) only two boxes can be sta­cked up. Further­more, the Jumbo XLS offers two more loading meters than a standard trailer. This results in an in­creased load volume of 30 % com­pared to a standard trailer.

Who has the Jumbo XLS been made for?

The Ewals Jumbo XLS is parti­cularly suit­able for truck trans­por­tation with in­creased safe­ty require­ments (e.g. elec­tronic de­vices) as well as goods that tend to bulge. This in­cludes, among others, second-hand clothes or in­sulation material.

Last but not least, the latest arri­val in ECCKIE’s fleet is inter­esting for all indu­stries and cus­tomers that are open for inno­vated cargo pro­tection measures and rely on intelli­gent and state-of-the-art logistics.

Technical specification

Length of loading unit7,70 m + 7,70 m
Width2,50 m
Height3 m
Load capacityup to 23 tons
Volume117 m³
Euro pallets38
Environmental standardEURO 6
Ramp heightYes, through air suspension
Lifting roofYes
Customs sealsYes
Localization and navigation systemYes
Cargo protection measures

  • XLS system

Information material

Download your information material directly here: Jumbo XLS

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