Working with subcon­tractors is our third line of transpor­tation in order to meet our cus­tomer re­quests – besides our own fleet and wor­king with char­ters. These se­lected transpor­tation par­tners pro­vide us with their equip­ment and help us to re­act to changes to mar­ket with­out any delay.

Ewals Cargo Care’s fleet con­sists for one third of own ve­hicles and for two thirds of sub­con­tractors. As a flex­ible and high-quality fleet is deci­sive for us, we are look­ing for reli­able for­warding agents with high quality stan­dards that are inter­ested in a long-term relation­ship.­

As a long-term partner you benefit from various advantages

All-year-round occupation
Great rate per km
Short payment terms
No default in payment
Elimination of truck scheduling
No risk

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